Rogue Checklist

Keep track of the things you need to do by creating tasks that should be completed daily, weekly, monthly, or anytime! With Rogue Checklist, you will be able to keep track of your progress on each individual task.

  • Keep track of your completion percentage, current consecutive completion streak, and your highest consecutive completion streak.
  • Share a website link with the app so you will remember to revisit it later.
  • Set reminders for your most important tasks.
  • Live tiles can be pinned to your start screen.

Rogue Checklist will help organize your tasks and drive you to do more!

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Rogue Planning Poker

Looking for a nice lean planning poker application to assist you in your planning session? You’ve come to the right place! Rogue Planning Poker is a quick and simple way to show your estimate.

  • Multiple decks to choose from including standard planning poker, Fibonacci sequence, t-shirt sizes, or regular playing cards.
  • Swipe quickly between cards and turn your card over with a simple finger press.
  • Customize card colors or use your current theme color.

Rogue Planning Poker gives you a no frills, easy to use planning poker application that actually works and works well.

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Rogue Text Decoder

This application allows you to convert between different numeric bases. It also allows you to convert from text to any of the available numeric bases and vice versa. Supports converting:

  • Binary
  • Base64
  • Hex
  • Ternary
  • Octal
  • Decimal

Use this app as a number converter or a secret message encoder/decoder!

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