BreakIt is no longer available for iOS. It has, however, been faithfully remade using Unity and is available for download here!

Download for Windows


Get ready for classic brick breaking action with BreakIt! Make your way through ever increasing difficulty to become the all-time high score leader. Collect various powerups, face off against enemy paddles, win achievement medals, and traverse through the levels to get a high score!

  • 55 unique levels of classic arcade action!
  • Enemy paddles speed up the ball or knock the ball in random directions.
  • Multiple achievements to earn for completing certain goals.
  • Many special power-ups to help you along the way.
  • Ever increasing difficulty keeps the challenge coming. If you complete all the levels, you will restart at a faster pace.
  • The more bricks you break without dying, the higher your multiplier will become.
  • Easy to play. Use arrow keys to move the paddle left or right to bounce the ball. Spacebar releases the ball.

Prove that you are the best all time brick breaking champion with BreakIt!


Version History

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